Ashvilla has a 24-stage construction process and Quality control activity is there in each and every stage. Pre construction activities, construction activities and post construction activities are clearly planned, organised and executed by qualified engineers and finance professionals. The right BOQ is determined and followed. Right combination of Quality cement, sand and gravel and skilled masons ensure a robust and a durable structure that can last for over 40 years.

Ashvilla initially drafts the contract agreement with its client and after the receipt of the advance amount the construction work is started. The contract sum is updated as and when the customer requirements change. The Payment process is flexible and the money is collected in 6 stages during the construction process. Ashvilla’s loan department will do all follow up activities needed for their client in the process of securing their home loan.



Our vendors understand our vision and share our responsibilities. We evaluate our vendors prior to signing business deals and monitor their performance each and every year and renew their contract.

We charge a fixed rate per SQ.FF of the construction delivered and this price is arrived after a detailed working of construction BOQ and our customers’ requirements with a nominal margin for Ashvilla services. When ever there is a change in customer requirements there is a change in the contract sum and the same contract document is updated.